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Show your work at the Town & Country Show!

Paul Brumaghim Gallery

The Paul Brumaghim gallery will feature Jenni Mechalas during the month of February. An open house for Jenni’s show will be held Saturday, February 1 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For 10 years, Jenni has been a faithful painter at the Tuesday morning painting group at the Art

League. During the month of February our gallery will feature Jenni’s

paintings along with her son and late husband’s photographs and photo books. The photos include her son’s scenes of the west coast and her husband’s travels around the world. Jenni uses these very personal photos as the inspiration for her paintings. Jenni, at 91 years young, has

lived an exciting life which has always included art in some form. She began her artistic interest through a neighbor who taught painting in her small studio. Then Jenni took courses in art at the U of I. Her show will include some of these early works. Jenni didn’t have time to paint as she raised her family and then worked for 20 years as a teaching assistant of

special needs children with Dist.118. Jenni started painting again after her husband’s death. Jenni’s paintings remind us that art is for all ages and she inspires us to continue to learn and grow our whole life. Jenni has said to her children, “You don’t know half of what I have done in my life.”

For more information about the exhibit or our hours, please call the Art League at (217) 442-9264 or check our website at
www.danvilleartleague.com The Art League is located at 320 N. Franklin Street in Danville and is open Tuesday through Saturday from
9 a.m. until noon.

320 N. Franklin St., Danville, IL 61832

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Art League Hours & Open Studio

Tuesday-Saturday 9am - 12pm

Other times available by appointment.

DAL will be closed if Danville Dist.118 is closed for weather.

Jenni Mechalas

The Danville Art League is located at 320 N. Franklin Street, corner of Seminary, in downtown Danville, Illinois.

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